Duende Store


Duende was founded in 2022. Standing behind it is Ania and Magda - two childhood friends who share a common passion.

Our goal is to create timeless, modern clothes that will become the basis of your everyday styling. We also want to show you the journey of each garment, the people behind production - the creators who, apart from high skills, put their heart into the process so you can feel really special wearing the clothes we make.

Duende was created in response to the needs of self-aware women who appreciate a perfectly designed, tailored and refined product produced with attention to every detail. Our goal is to create clothes that will stay with you for a long time, regardless of the changing trends.


Our clothes are produced in one of our befriended garment manufacturer located in Łódź - it’s a place where people work in decent conditions, they are treated with respect and are appreciated for their work.

Each element of our collection has been constructed, cut and sewn from scratch by trusted people that we have known and cooperated with for over many years. Ania is responsible for the entire production process together with the supervisors - Maria and Ewa who approves each piece of garment in regards to quality.

In each product description, you will find information about the people who stand behind the creating process of our garments. Respective cards with signatures of each person involved in the process are attached to your package to emphasize our gratitude for their work and to guarantee high quality and responsibility for the delivered product.


Not only pictures make our clothes unique. We take care of every detail and guarantee a high quality of sewing. You will not find any dangling threads or badly finished seams.


We really focus on social responsibility. Caring for the environment and sustainable solutions is as important to us as the quality of our products.

By organizing the production process within a single facility, we have total control over the quality of the product but also we take care of the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

Each collection is produced in a limited edition to avoid overproduction. We focus on full utilization of fabric and sewing accessories from what is left post production thus increasing efficiency and supporting the zero waste approach.

One of the main criteria in the process is the selection of natural fabrics such as viscose, tencel, linen or lyocell. We make sure that our materials come from trustworthy suppliers.

In addition, we avoid plastic, additional transport and separate packaging by picking up each production from the manufacturer ourselves.

We are proud that 100% of our collections are made (może być nawet „sewn” jeśli chcecie) by a local company.

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